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Straight from the RP Official Gazette

ADVISORY: December 2010 Holidays

The official holiday season starts on December 24 and, excluding a pocket of 3 working days (see bold type), ends on Monday, January 3, 2011.

Friday, December 24 – Additional Special (Non-Working) Day*
Saturday, December 25 – Christmas day; Regular Holiday, NWD*
Sunday, December 26 – NWD
Monday, December 27 – Monday nearest Rizal Day, December 30; Regular Holiday ; NWD*
Tuesday, December 28 – WD
Wednesday, December 29 – WD
Thursday, December 30 – WD
Friday, December 31 –  Last Day of the Year; Special NWD*
Saturday, January 1 – NWD
Sunday, January 2 – NWD
Monday, January 3 – WD

* This is in accordance to Proclamation No. 1841 s. 2009, which has been retained as relevant for December this year after deliberation by the Office of the President.
Advisory prepared December 12, 2010

Source: RPOfficial Gazette
Friday, December 10, 2010 | By: I am Juan

Wishlist for Christmas

Christmas is in the air. Have you already made your own wish list? Well, actually, I already have. Do you want to know? xD

*phew* There are only 5 things I wanted to have by 2011. (1) To have an iPad, (2)to have a digital SLR camera, (3) to have an iPod (gold), (4) to be a published author, either in Filipino or English or we can have both, lastly (5) to have a notebook, any brands will do.

If you have your own wish list, just post the link of your wish list in this post. ^^

MERRY CHRISTMAS Guys, and have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR to celebrate with your family.
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How to access PHILOSOPHY 1N and its forums at MOLE (MSU-IIT)

Step 1. Log in to you MyIIT account at

Step 2. Click MOLE at the top portion of the page besides MyIIT Preview.  
Step 3. If you don't have any courses enrolled in, click ALL COURSES. If you already enrolled to Philosophy 1N proceed to step 6.


Step 4.  Find Philosophy 1N under the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

Step 5. Choose your instructor/professor (click) and enter the password for your class. Password will be given by your teacher.

Step 6. Ones done. Click home (or you will automatically redirect to a page like this). Click Philosophy 1N.

Step 7. TO FIND THE FORUM: After that, click forums at the left panel of the page.

Step 8. Finally, select the forum topic you wanted to join in.
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 Backyard Monsters (formerly Desktop Creatures) is a strategy game by Critters, in which players create and manage a small monster town on some grassland. This base is part of a large world with many other players in it, which can attack each other.(source: CC wiki)
Friday, November 12, 2010 | By: I am Juan

Forwarded message (SMS)

Pedro in WAR with MILF:

PEDRO: Surrender namo!

MILF: Mu-surrender lang mi kung ma-spell nimo ang "ceasefire."

PEDRO: Padaun and gera! Dugmokon sila! Padalhan mo nko og "chrysanthemum" sa inyong lubong!

MILF: Spell "chrysanthemum."

PEDRO: Pakyu! Ingon ko "rose" Bungol! Patay kung patay! Walay spellingay!

^^ hehehe

Reactivation of my PLURK account.

Its been a year since I set off from plurk because of some inevitable circumstances. Despite of the fact that my karma drops to 0.00, still I want it to be reactivated for further use. For those who have or don't have a plurk account, please add me. JUST CLICK here.. Thanks..